Exclusive publications

What do we and our staff consider to be an exclusive publication?

It is something we are proud of.

It is about making the customer's ideas, sometimes the most extraordinary ones, a reality.


The production term is negotiated based on an individual assessment of a specific project.

We will arrange for the transport for the delivery of the products. Delivery to any country in the world is available.

Lithuania | Denmark | Kazakhstan | Finland | Great Britain | Sweden | Croatia | France | The Netherlands | Belgium | Iceland...

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In the production of exclusive publications, we place no limits on ourselves and you. Our focus here is on delivering our clients' ideas to the fullest.

  • All publications are available with a 4 page, 6 page or 8 page cover.
  • Various cut image elements, partial UV varnish or partial UV varnish with glitter, and 3D UV varnish are available.
  • Covers can have embossed or debossed elements (embossing / debossing).
  • A wide range of foiling options is also available: on print with hot-melt foil or print directly on foil.
  • Varnish finish is available with water-based varnishes, offset or soft-touch varnishes.
  • Varnish can be used to produce drip-off and sand effects.
  • We also use a variety of laminates: matt, glossy, and soft-touch.
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Adhesive / stapled inserts will enhance your publication's uniqueness and appeal.

  • These elements are available in 2 to 8 pages with various folding options.
  • Decoration options are unlimited.
  • Upon the customer's request, the adhesive insert can have partial UV varnish, 3D UV varnish finish, and be longer or shorter than the publication itself.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the materials used in the production of the adhesive / stapled inserts: they are available in paper commonly used in printing, thin board, stickers and less frequently used materials, e.g. carbon paper and plastic.