It is an efficient means for disseminating information and is most commonly used for advertising and information purposes.

Leaflets used inside the publication add a distinctive touch and highlight advertising campaigns.

If you have an idea, get in touch with us and we will make it happen!

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The production process is fast, it takes 2-5 working days. All leaflets are packaged in accordance with the packaging requirements you provide.

We will arrange for the transport for the delivery of the products. Delivery to any country in the world is available.

Lithuania | Denmark | Kazakhstan | Finland | Great Britain | Sweden | Croatia | France | The Netherlands | Belgium | Iceland...

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A wide selection of folding schemes is available:

  • 1-9 folds;
  • from a 4-page leaflet to a map type folding;
  • double-gate folding option;
  • 42-250 g/m2

Download folding schemes...



Posters are available in a variety of types:

  • A1 to A3 format;
  • from one to 3 folds;
  • from 4 to 16 pages;
  • 42-250 g/m2 paper;
  • stapled inside the publication, on the main publication or in the position of your choice;
  • as an adhesive insert in the publication;
  • perforated for easy detachment from the main publication;
  • with varnish finish.