Extras / adhesive insertion

We can add up to 4 additional publications to the main publication using the insert machine and an unlimited number with the help of our handicraft team.

Inserted extras can be different of different type:

  • brochures;
  • toys;
  • cosmetics;
  • leaflets;
  • other promotional products.

The following insertion options are available: on and / or under the cover of the publication and / or inside the publication, and / or in a specified position.

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The production process is fast, it takes 2-5 working days. All inserts are placed in the position you specify.

We will arrange for the transport for the delivery of the products. Delivery to any country in the world is available.

Lithuania | Denmark | Kazakhstan | Finland | Great Britain | Sweden | Croatia | France | The Netherlands | Belgium | Iceland...



The following bags are available for wrapping:

  • BOPP, CPP, and LDPE;
  • bag thickness range from 20µ;
  • eco-friendly, which degrade within 3 months when exposed to the environment;
  • with a white stripe for printing addresses or other information of your choice.

The following wrapping options are available:

  • one publication in a bag;
  • 3 additional publications can be bundled with the main publication;
  • bundle the main edition with a toy or other item of your choice.
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Based on the customer‘s needs, we can provide addresses on all publications or personalise them by assigning a unique customer code. Addressing is generally used to create postal addresses.

Addressing is available:

  • directly on the publication;
  • on the bag.