Periodicals are weekly / monthly / quarterly printed publications.

These publications can be stapled, machine-glued or produced using thermal adhesives.


The production process is fast, it takes 2-5 working days. All periodics are packaged in accordance with the packaging requirements you provide.

We will arrange for the transport for the delivery of the products. Delivery to any country in the world is available.

Lithuania | Denmark | Kazakhstan | Finland | Great Britain | Sweden | Croatia | France | The Netherlands | Belgium | Iceland...


The following publication options are available:

  • without a cover;
  • with a 4 page, 6 page or 8 page cover;
  • from 64 pages up to the number of pages you require;
  • 42-115 g/ m2 paper;
  • the spine size from 0.3 cm to 4.0 cm;
  • in the format from 10.5 x 14.8 cm and up to 23.7 x 30.0 cm;
  • in the album type format from 23.3 x 19.2 cm and up to 19.2 x 23.3 cm;
  • with various types of adhesive inserts under the cover or between pages;
  • with the personalisation option.
periodika-2_8751-64cc21fa601b949708aceed5ad5833b4.jpg periodika-3_8307-dbd6be0e191106a002e17318acc05767.jpg

Your periodicals can be additionally:

  • placed in BOPP, CPP, LDPE or eco-friendly (degradable) bags;
  • personalised;
  • bundled with other different publications;
  • with a variety of flyers, toys and other accessories added.